5 Best Chairs That Cradle You in Comfort

In this era, where personal space is revered as a sanctuary and comfort is the king, a cozy chair might free you from the insane world——Creating an undisturbed and comfortable nook in your home can be a wonderful way to secure a personal retreat for relaxation and introspection. They are perfect for reading, leisurely crafting and even for working from home.

To help you find the perfect match for your aesthetic, we've made a selection that includes 5 distinct styles - some of which can complement your existing Acanva sofa. And if you enjoy propping up your feet, there are also optional matching ottomans available for purchase with the chairs.

Cora Chair

This latest Cora chair by Acanva carries a certain understated elegance that's hard to miss. The velvet fabric not only offers an invitingly soft hand-feel, perfect for moments of relaxation but is also surprisingly easy to maintain, retaining its pristine appearance with minimal effort.

Accompanied by its matching Cora 3-seater sofa, the set is perfect for relaxed lounging and a refined office seat, infusing your space with a blend of modernity, and crafting an inviting and stylish ambiance. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life but don't want to compromise on functionality and ease of care.

Mellow Chair

This Mellow Chair by Acanva, also made in velvet fabric, offers a delightful alternative with its cream and tangerine hues. It’s a perfect choice for those apprehensive about furnishing their homes with pure white due to the maintenance it might demand (Although Cora Chair is also quite easy to clean!), which is especially accommodating for families with children or pets.

It can also be paired with our Mellow sectional to create a cohesive set, where the unique curved edges bring a sleek and fashionable look to your space. The low-back design visually enhances the height of your room, giving the illusion of a taller space and contributing to an overall feeling of expansiveness.

Orla Chair

The Orla chair comes with a matching ottoman, perfect for those who enjoy resting their legs. Upholstered in the currently trendy textured boucle fabric, it adds a tactile dimension to the clean and simple form, while the slender black metal legs provide a subtle industrial contrast. The chair's round design contributes to a soft, flowing feel within the room, avoiding the harsh lines that can make spaces feel rigid or crowded. This blend of texture and form offers a contemporary look that complements a range of interior styles.

Dori Chair

The Dori chair, crafted from fleece, invites touch with its fuzzy and soft texture that promises supreme comfort. Envision wrapping yourself in warmth as you settle into its embrace with a hot coffee on a winter day—pure bliss.

It is not only functional for those cozy moments but also adds a touch of whimsy to the room. Its slightly playful and endearing appearance makes it a charming addition to any space, inviting smiles just as warmly as it invites relaxation. Whether nestled into a reading nook or standing as a statement piece in a living area, this chair effortlessly balances cuteness with chic comfort.

Persia Chair

Persia Chair, is the only boxy-shape one of five chairs, offering a distinctly clean and crisp silhouette that exemplifies minimalist design. Its straight lines and square form convey a modern simplicity that's both sophisticated and versatile. This piece is an ideal choice for a living space that favors bold, uncluttered aesthetics, yet doesn't compromise on the welcoming, plush feel that makes a house a home. Whether it's paired with similarly shaped Persia Sectional for a cohesive look or used as a contrasting piece among more rounded items, this chair is sure to make a stylish, yet understated statement.

After exploring the 5 exquisite chairs above, has one caught your eye and tugged at your heartstrings? Don't hesitate to contact us for more information if you need!