Finding Your Perfect Sofa: A Guide to Choosing the Right Sizes

The sofa plays a crucial role in home decor, serving as both a functional and aesthetic centerpiece. Choosing the right-sized sofa can enhance comfort and visual appeal in your living space. Here, we delve into considerations and insights for selecting sofa dimensions, along with additional advice from professionals at Acanva.

Understand the definition of the size & Common size

Understand Each Measurement of Your SofaUnderstand Each Measurement of Your Sofa

  • Sofa Width: from the most left to the most right, usually from one outer edge of an armrest to the outer edge of the other armrest. Generally, the width of a sectional sofa can range from 80” (203 cm) to 127” (323 cm), while the width of a 3-seater sofa typically falls between 72” (183 cm) and 90” (229 cm).
  • Sofa Depth: from the very front (usually where the seat cushions begin) to the very back (where the back cushions end), the depth of a 3-seater sofa usually ranges from 32” (82 cm) to 40” (102 cm).
  • Sofa Height: from the floor to the top of a sofa's back cushion, usually ranging from 28” (71 cm) to 36” (91 cm).

Remember, size can vary due to differences in design and style. Factors such as the thickness of the padding, the curvature of the arms and backrest, and the type of legs can all influence the overall dimensions of a sofa. Check this Fit Guide and learn how to measure your place.

Scale and Proportion of Sofas

Buying a large sofa may seem comfortable, but it can become inconvenient when you have to navigate around or step over it to move through the room. Your sofa shouldn't dominate the entire length of the wall; a length that is approximately two-thirds of the wall's length is a suitable choice. This is a good rule of thumb when determining if a sofa or sectional is appropriate for your space.

Reserve Enough Space for The Living Room

Reserve Enough Space for The Living Room

If you opt for a sectional with a chaise lounge, the extended portion (sofa depth) should not exceed half the room's width. Your final decision should take into account the scale and proportion of the room, striving for a balance between the size of the sofa and other furniture in the space, while also leaving some additional room.

The Shape of the Sofa:

Sofas can feature curved or angled lines. A sofa with curved details can soften the edges of a room and create a sense of fluidity and creativity, depending on the choice of other furniture in the room. If you’re tired of traditional boxy look, try a curve or round one!

Find out the Beauty of Curve: Formia Curved Sectional by Acanva

Find out the Beauty of Curve: Formia Curved Sectional by Acanva

How Deep Should My Seat Be?

Seat depth refers to the measurement from the front of the seat to the back cushion. Generally, deeper sofas offer a more luxurious lounging experience, which is preferred by taller individuals. However, it's important to consider individual height when choosing a sofa. While deeper sofas may be comfortable for taller people, shorter individuals might find them less suitable, especially if they have trouble keeping their feet on the ground. Therefore, it's essential to strike a balance between comfort and practicality based on your height and preferences when selecting a sofa. Strategically positioning throw pillows on a deep couch can help. These pillows help alleviate some of the excessive depth, enabling a more upright and comfortable seating posture.

Atlas Extra Large Sofa: Best Choice of Deep Sofa
Atlas Extra Large Sofa: Best Choice of Deep Sofa

Consider Seat Height: An Important Measurement

  • Seat height is the distance from the floor (including sofa legs) to the top of the sofa cushion. This height determines the level of relaxation when seated. The design and purpose of the sofa also influence the choice of seat height. For instance, sofas intended for lounge areas typically feature lower seat heights to promote a more relaxed atmosphere. On the other hand, sofas used in offices or dining rooms may have higher seat heights to offer better support and posture.
  • Sofa leg height: Leg height usually ranges from 1” to 7” off the ground. Higher leg heights elevate the sofa from the ground, showcasing the legs and providing the added benefit of easy cleaning underneath. Conversely, lower leg heights can give the sofa a more elegant and streamlined appearance but may make it more challenging to clean dust accumulation underneath. It's important to remember that the height of sofa legs also impacts the overall aesthetic of the room and how it blends with other furniture and home decor.
Remember to check the height of the sofa legs!

Remember to check the height of the sofa legs!

Back Height: Determining the Comfort

Low backrest design of Mellow Sectional by AcanvaLow backrest design of Mellow Sectional by Acanva

Back height refers to the measurement from the top of the back to the top of the seat cushion. Generally, the height ranges from 12” (30 cm) to 18” (46 cm). Lower backrests might be more suitable for those who prefer to sit more upright or desire a sofa that visually occupies less space. If the room has low ceilings, opt for a sofa with a lower backrest to maintain proportion with the room's height. It can also create the illusion of additional space beneath more common ceiling heights. To enhance backrest comfort without compromising on style, consider adding appropriately chosen throw pillows that complement the sofa's low-back design. On the other hand, higher backrests offer support and comfort for those who like to relax, lean back on their sofa.

The Overlooked Factor: Armrest Height

The positioning of armrests plays a crucial role in your sitting experience, impacting your posture and relaxation levels.

  • Ideally, sofa armrests should be positioned at a height that allows your arms to rest naturally while seated. If the armrests are too low, you may find yourself slouching or feeling unsupported, leading to discomfort in your shoulders and upper body. Conversely, overly high armrests can restrict movement and make it difficult to find a comfortable position.

Armrest of Imola Boucle Sectional Armrest of Imola Boucle Sectional

  • Furthermore, the width of sofa armrests is also important. Wide armrests offer ample space for resting your arms or placing items like drinks or remote controls, enhancing your lounging experience. On the other hand, narrow armrests, while sleek in design, may lack the same level of support or versatility. Ultimately, finding the optimal height and width of sofa armrests depends on individual preferences and usage habits.

Finding furniture that fits your space dimensions isn't always easy. That's why Acanva offers sofas in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you're working with a cozy nook or a spacious living room, we have sofas to suit your needs. Check out our collection today and feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.