Fit Guide for Your Acanva Furniture

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Hey home decor enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into a topic often overlooked but crucial for a hassle-free furniture experience - ensuring your new furniture fits seamlessly into your home. We've created a brief guide to assist you in anticipating these considerations before the delivery day. We'll walk you through crucial steps, commencing right from your home's first entrance. It will be more efficient with a tape measurement and note down the sizes.
Avoid These Common lssues for Your Delivery
Avoid These Common lssues for Your Delivery

The Furniture and the Final Spot

Understand the Orientation of Your SofaUnderstand the Orientation of Your Sofa

First things first, if you want a L-shaped sectional sofa with a chaise, make sure you choose the correct orientation. Left hand means the chaise is on your left side when you’re facing the sofa. Right hand means the chaise is on your right side when you’re facing the sofa. Note that some of our sofas are modular or reversible, which means that the orientation can be either left- or right-hand facing.

Understand the Dimensions of Your FurnitureUnderstand the Dimensions of Your Furniture

Double check the product dimensions on our product page as well to ensure the sofa you've chosen fits your needs. Check this guide to understand what dimension you need to consider about the sofa size. A neat trick is to use newspaper or tape to outline the desired sofa placement area and path in your home.

A Layout Marked with Tape to Represent the Furniture PlacementA Layout Marked with Tape to Represent the Furniture Placement

You can proceed to the next step of measurement now if you have confirmed that the product you've selected meets your needs.

Delivery Path

I know everyone is keen on having a comfortable experience during delivery, and taking the following measurements in advance can help ensure just that.

1. Doorways
Measuring Door Dimensions

Measuring Door Dimensions

The width of the door inside your door frame should be greater than the minimum length of the package(s) (usually the height of the package). We recommend removing the door from its hinges, but if you prefer not to do this or think it's unnecessary, you must ensure that the door opens wide enough to allow the package's entry. Additionally, you can consider removing the sofa's packaging and the sofa legs to pass through the narrow doors.

Measuring Doorway Dimensions in Special SituationMeasuring Doorway Dimensions in Special Situation

If there is an interior wall opposite the door, you will also need to measure the height (E) and the distance from the door to the wall(F). The package(s) can enter smoothly if the package (W) is less than (E), and the package (D) or (H) is less than (F). Consider the diagonal length (DL) if the package needs to be placed at an angle.

2. Hallways

Notice Any Hanging Lights in Your HallwaysNotice Any Hanging Lights in Your Hallways

The assessment process for hallways is similar to the doorways. Confirm that the width or height of doors and hallways exceeds the package's dimensions. Be mindful of fixed obstacles such as low-hanging light and hallway wall decorations.

3. Staircases

Staircase MeasurementsStaircase Measurements

The width of the staircase must be greater than at least one of the following dimensions of the package: height (H), depth (D), or diagonal depth (DD). Remember to take into account any handrails or posts that might affect the available space.

Similar to the situation with a wall opposite the door, if the height at the stair turn (M) is greater than the width (W) of the package, and the width (N) is greater than the shortest side of the package, then the package can pass through the staircase successfully.

4. Elevator Compatibility

Measuring the Elevator Door and InsideMeasuring the Elevator Door and Inside

We’d appreciate it if you could check if the package will fit through the elevator doors and ensure that the elevator can handle the package's depth and weight. Weight limitation should be noticed as well. Please pay attention to the weight limitation whether the elevator can bear the weight of the package and our two delivery team members.

Compare Measurements

Now it’s time to compare match the dimensions of your furniture/package(s) with the measurements of your delivery path. Ensure that the height, width, or depth of your furniture/package(s) is smaller than the width of any doorways, hallways, or stairways along the path, ideally with a few inches to spare. The diagonal depth of furniture, such as sofas or chairs, is a crucial measurement for figuring out if they can be maneuvered through narrow doorways at an angle.

Other Considerations

  • We do not provide old furniture removal services, so please clear enough space in advance to ensure smoother delivery of your new sofa.
  • An adult must be there during the entire delivery period. Additionally, please take care of your children and pets.
  • If your floors are prone to scratches, please protect them in advance and inform the carrier.

By adhering to these steps, you're well on your way to a hassle-free furniture delivery experience. However, if you encounter any uncertainties or have questions during this process, feel free to reach out to Acanva customer service team for assistance. We're here to ensure your journey to a new furniture is as smooth as possible. Happy decorating, and may you thoroughly enjoy your new piece of furniture!